H2O Tae Kwon-Do

H2O Tae Kwon-Do


Gwen F. Hall 7th Dan

                To develop technique strength, challenge ones balance and increase endurance, practicing Tae Kwon Do in mid rib cage high water affords a unique and effective approach. For almost 10 years I have used this method to increase my endurance, maintain and increase technique execution power and further balance control while “Father Times” bony fingers grapple for my mental – spiritual attitude and body dynamics.

Almost 50 years have passed since my Martial Art Training began back in 1963. At age 58

I decided to use water resistance as a regular part of my personal training regimen to strengthen my kicks and train balance control muscles in a different way. Since then I have developed an entire work out routine for the pool.

This training approach has helped my students who struggle with various muscular / skeletal issues and has proven to now be one of my best friends for my own training health at age 68.

The regimen begins with preliminary stretching in the hot tub then moves to the regular pool for warm ups doing forward leg lifts, side leg lifts, back leg lifts, scissors while on ones back at the pools corner, hip twists with the knees bent, sitting stance squats, and various stretches using the pools edge as a platform on which to place the foot. After this warm up routine, the training shifts to kicking ; ie, front kick, turning kick, side kick, backward spinning side kick, Ax kick, backward spinning Ax kick, inside turning kick, twisting kick, hooking kick, crescent kick and jumping kicks.

Examples of flexibility and endurance training at the pools edge, middle and corner:

Front leg raise begin in walking stance and raise back leg 12 times each side.

Side leg raise begin in chumbi and lift leg up to the side 12 times each leg.

Hip twist holding pools edge at the corner 2 reps of 40 twists.

Scissor at pool corner laying in water on your back 3 reps of 20.

Long stride exchange holding pool corner laying on your side 2 reps of 20 each side.

Wide edge stretch keep bottom in the water and pull your chest to the edge spreading legs as far as possible with the toes out of the water. Hold for count of 20 then repeat after resting with feet down.

Kicking examples:

Right side kick

Left turning kick

Right twisting kick

The resistance caused by bringing the kicks up out of chest high water works the whole body balance and technique muscle system with very little adverse joint impact. The kicks can be practiced from as many stances as desired using the effects of the water environment to strengthen each stances different balance dynamics at technique onset.

The goal is to execute the kicks just as one would in the air while using the water as a medium to fight through to get into the air as high as possible without getting your head under water. Both single action and combinations can be practiced. Once familiarity of dealing with the pool medium is achieved, the practitioner can then use a small floating object as a target to chase around the pool kicking it with different techniques.

H2O Tae Kwon Do augments technique development, balance control, endurance and is fun.

Pil Sung

Gwen F. Hall  Sah Hyung

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