Hand Techniques (son Gisool)???

Although hand techniques are certainly very important in offensive motions, they play the most important part in defense, especially  blocking.


1. Turn the hip and abdomen in the same direction as the attacking or block tool does throwout the actions.

2. The heel of the rear foot should be raise slightly off the ground at the beginning of the motion and placed firmly on the ground at the moment of impact in most cases.  This principle, however,is only applicable to those movements which are performed from the same position.

3. Raise the body slightly at the beginning of the motion, and lower it at the moment of impact in all cases.

4. All movements must begin with a backward motion in order to utilize the maximum velocity.

5. Keep both arms slightly bent while the movement is in motion.

6. The heel of the rear foot must be placed firmly on the ground at the moment of impact for both attack and defense.

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