Master Sereff promoted to Grandmaster


GM Sereff receiving award with Master Walt Lang and Master Robert Wheatly looking on

Master Sereff was promoted to Grandmaster Sereff officially on his birthday, 12/8/97. A ceremonial presentation was made on 12/6/97 after the upper Dan testing at Sereff Taekwon-Do, CO. Grandmaster Sereff was presented with his certificate, A-9-1, by his two Master students, Master Lang and Master Winegar. Ms. Sereff, VI Dan, then presented Grandmaster Sereff with his belt and an Indian chieftain’s war bonnet as a token gift from the whole of the USTF.

Grandmaster Sereff spoke a little about the honor and responsibility that he felt at this juncture. For simplicity, he said that he would also prefer to downloadbe addressed by the Korean term Sa Sung rather than Grandmaster, particularly in view of the current pretentiousness of the latter title in the martial arts. The ceremony was followed by a presentation from Sa Sung Sereff to all his VI Dan students and then dinner and dancing. Many high ranking students and officials of the USTF were able to be present.

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