Taekwon-Do & I, Volume 3

Here you will find information about the 3rd book in the series “Taekwon-Do & I” written by General Choi, Hong-hi.  This book was never released except 100 Korean editions, which the Kido Kwan™ has nearly all the hard copies, plus an original photocopy (hand written notes) of the transcript of this third book. 490 pages


Section 1: pg. 13 A new history of a loan

Time was slipping away, and before I knew it, it was December 1991.  The Canadian Taekwon-Do Association Secretary Phap Lu (5th Dan) and five others accompanied myself from the Toronto airport for the last seminar of the year.



Section 2: pg. 18 Determining my successor and my honorary doctorate

Section 3: pg. 25 Looking back on Kim, Il-sung

Section 4: pg. 29 The revelation of Japan’s brutalities

Section 5: pg. 34 Giving up smoking

Section 6: pg. 48 I will remain forever

Section 7: pg. 56 Good and Bad news

Section 8: pg. 63 The news in March

CHAPTER 2: The joy and pain of the Journey

Section 1:  pg. 71 I can not believe the reports

Section 2: pg. 77 I won’t hesitate to return

Section 3: pg. 88 A uncomfortable but great performance

Section 4: pg. 100 The sound of the bells

Section 5: pg. 106 New technology wins power

Section 6: pg. 113 3rd Asian Championships

Section 7: pg. 119 Healthy Waters

Section 8: pg. 131 A dangerous and difficult journey

Section 9: Back in Pyongyang

Section 10: A difficult start with good results

Section 11: pg. 140 Joy of seeing together


Section 1: pg. 171 The 9th World Championships (1994 in Malaysia)

Section: 2 pg. 178 Taekwon-Do enters the Olympics

Section: 3  pg. 185 A lecture on the essence of martial arts

Section: 4  pg. 193 Beliefs and misconceptions

Section: 5 pg. 199 Three meals a day in other countries

Section: 6  pg. 205 Very Busy schedule

Section: 7 pg. 210 Disappointed in the Kim, Yong-sam regime

Section: 8 pg. 218 At crossroads of hope and disappointment

Section: 9 pg. 226 Emphasis on Federation (Olympic Compliance)

Section: 10  pg. 231 Short and uncomfortable ports of call

Section: 11 pg. 238 Go the way you wish

Section 12: pg. 347 Promotion of Taekwon-Do Sanctuary

CHAPTER 4: The establishment of the International Martial Arts Games Committee (IMAGC)

Section 1: pg. 259 The April Meeting

Section 2: pg. 265 Travel shortened due to grandson

Section 3: pg. 271 Fans before and after remember the championships

Section 4: pg. 278 The sounds of Lafayette

Section 5: pg. 296 The mysterious visitors

Section 6: pg. 302 All the way up

Section 7: pg. 310 Rewarding feeling nurtured

CHAPTER 5: Waiving a visit

Section 1: Spending 9 days in the Rocky Mountains

Section 2: Travel between the rich

Section 3: Continued after hearing some good news

Section 4: Down with the decisions

Section 5: Determination to influence the fate of Taekwon-Do

Section 6: A visit you eventually give up

Section 7: A nobles haunt

Section 8: Finishing the rules of the game

Section 9: pg. 393 Record Taekwon-Do seminar figuers

Section 10: pg. 400 Beijing Taekwon-Do and plane failure

CHAPTER 6: The Dawn of Unification

Section 1: pg. 409 Third time in 27 years

Section 2: pg. 423 I will never forget October and November

Section 3: pg. 435 If I weren’t a big deal almost got me

Section 4: pg. 443 One cannot imagine

Section 5:  pg. 451 Extended Taekwon-Do seminar in Yanji China

Section 6: pg. 456 The dawn of Taekwon-Do unification

Section 7: pg. 463  A memorable the first half of 2001

Section 8: pg. 472 The Secretary Generals ‘inevitable’ dismissal (Choi, Jung-wha)

Section 9: pg. 481 Epilogue


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