Section 8: Its Inevitable for the dismissal of the Secretary General

Thus, the first half of 2001 was a continuation of the good news. The first half of the season in 2001 a series of the good news.
One of the most problematic natural had been dug up to counteract problem within us now solve the glad it was embarrassing.
June 24, enjoy being invited to their child in the restaurant [Father’s Day].
DI tell the puck the whole family a long time together lounging in’ve went to Pyongyang, the North Korean high-ranking and the end of the conversation was echoed her. Neutralized 9 promoted within a compound eye sikindaneun until mid-2001, is given. I told the child not much of the rest of his life gyeohoek.
Left for Italy to Canada every July Klee run, senior vice president with the [12th Taekwondo World Championships]. Night vice president, Choi neutralize the Secretary-General, Tom commander and Italy Taekwondo Association Seco NATO (Ceconato) 5 stages, were there to meet me at the airport. Our luggage, locate soon after the tournament to be held in Rimini  is headed. A small town about 2 hours away by car in Rimini on the Adriatic Sea, facing the famous tourist city, although the population was less than 1 brightness. World Championships and traffic was too uncomfortable too.
Umpire School in the afternoon after the press conference was about 1 hour. Graded crowd this time nanneun so how to confront freedom jeoksul this happened to the pilot showed. World Championships Starting with 1 point in the room to give the game announced three bonssik rotation
Rating of martial arts does not stop the fight by doing this, the philosophy of martial arts and weight sikindaneun free bit inward. In addition to parade ㅆge | ㅐ will be Was the tournament as the journey began on the morning of the 6th General Assembly. I chongjaedan authority on how to placed on the agenda for review and to the General Assembly within the extraordinary rules for home.
Attendees, including the governor, night vice president, yigiha least neutralize, Deputy Tom, dragon Wai Ming, Benny Rivera, zeolite, GEOS, Hwangjin TiVo as a lawyer was 10.

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