Pattern Name & Meanings

Pattern Name & Meanings

When I was first taught the Ch’ang Hon /Chon Ji patterns as a kid, we never called them by name, we called them off by numbers, pattern 1, pattern 2 and so forth. But then, at a later date, we started to use the names instead of the number they fell in. And we were told the basics as are pretty much told to this day. However, having a good grasp of the Korean language and Hangul and Hanja (Kanji) I learned later that there is some “deeper” meaning to the majority of the patterns we are doing. Now, this is not going to be an article touting which organizations patterns are better etc, just simply some deeper insight into the names of the Ch’ang Hon patterns.

Those of you who practice and teach these set of patterns generally only know the “text book” definition of the name of the patterns, usually from their instructors and sometimes from books such as Gen. Choi’s Taekwon-Do Condensed and 15 Vol. Encyclopedias, GM Hee Il Cho’s and GM Jhoon Rhee’s books, all of which have been around for some time, so I will not put the “text book” meanings here, they are readily available in the above mentioned books, and all over the internet. But, these books are more worried about the technical aspects of the patterns, rather then, the names or the deeper meaning behind the names. Below is a chart of the Ch’ang Hon set names and their meanings and also the Hangul and Hanja of each. Some of the translations are literal, while some I had to take a certain “poetic license” with.

Chon Ji Heaven & Earth ?? ??
Dan Gun Raised Gentlemen ?? ??
Do San Island Mountain ?? ??
Won Hyo The Beginning Dawn ?? ??
Yul Gok Valley of Chestnuts ?? ??
Joong Gun Equal Roots ?? ??
Toi Gye Retreating Water ?? ??
Hwa Rang Flower of the Court Attendants ?? ??
Choong Moo Loyal Military ?? ??
Kwang Gye Storehouse of seeds (Name) ?? ??
Po Eun Hidden Garden ?? ??
Gye Baek Step Uncle ?? ??
Ui Am Righteousness ?? ??
Choong Jang Strongly Loyal ?? ??
Juche Master of the Body ?? ??
Kodang Lofty School ?? ??
Sam Il 3.1 (March 1st) ?? ??
Yoo Sin Age of trust ?? ??
Choi Yong Sparkling Jade (and surname Choi) ?? ??
Yon Gae Deep Pool ?? ??
Ul Ji Second Branch ?? ??
Moon Moo Military Minister ?? ??
So San West Mountain (NISHIYAMA) ?? ??
Se Jong Ancestor of the World (Kingly title) ?? ??
Tong Il Unification (1st unification) ?? ??

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