White only Taekwon-Do uniforms

Most schools of Taekwon-Do wear white uniforms.  The Kukkiwon only ‘authorized’ uniform is white, and black belts have black trim.  The same is true with the I.T.F. and the ATA/WTTU all wear only white uniforms.  The Kukkiwon, is ran by Koreans, in Korea, the I.T.F. was created by a Korean, as was the ATA, so tradition in those two organizations dictate it.  But, why white?

Traditionally the Korean peoples wore only white!  They were known as the “white clothed people”, the “people of white” etc.  In fact, commoners by law were restricted to wearing white only!  This helped to distinguished Court/Government officials from common people The upper classes wore a variety of colors, though bright colors were generally worn by children and girls and subdued colors by middle-aged men and women, but for special occasions they wore dull shades of pale pink, light green, gray, and charcoal. The color showed the wearer’s social position and statement. For example, a navy color indicated that a woman had son(s). Only the royal family could wear a clothing with geumbak-printed patterns (gold leaf) on the bottom of chima (skirt).

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