Kido Kwan Ranking & Uniform Policy

This policy is required for all Kido Kwan™ member schools.  Kido Kwan Affiliate Schools™ may follow their own ranking policy, but it must be in writing and submitted to the Kido Kwan™ prior to any official changes.

Color Belts and Uniforms

The official color belts are:

White (10th & 9th Kup)

Yellow (8th & 7th Kup)

Green (6th & 5th Kup)

Blue (4th & 3rd Kup)

Red (2nd & 1st Kup)

There will be one stripe on the left belt to denote ‘senior’ rank for the current color belt.  There can be up to three (3) ‘knowledge strips” on the right side of the belt to denote material learned up to that point.

The official uniform is the I.T.F. uniform.  With the I.T.F. crest/logo on the left chest.  The Kido Kwan™ logo is to be on the right chest.  The school logo should be on the right sleeve. However, starting in Jan. 01 2011, there will be a change to the Kido Kwan™ logo and there will be a Kido Kwan™ “tab” that will go above the school crest/logo which will be allowed on the right chest.  And then the right sleeve can be used for the National flag of your country. The left sleeve will only have the Kido Kwan’s

I.T.F. color belt & junior black belt uniform

I.T.F. color belt & junior black belt uniform

“ICK”™ patch for those members qualified to wear it.  If your school prefers, you can keep the old policy of school/association logos on the right sleeve/chest.

Black Belts will be from 1st Degree to 9th Degree, and titles will be as follows:

1st Dan (boosabum)

2nd Dan

Black Belt uniform policy will be as follows, however, when particiaing in other organization events, the black belt will follow the policy of that organizations event.

I.T.F. 1-3rd Dan Uniform

I.T.F. 1-3rd Dan Uniform

1st to 3rd dan will wear the standard white I.T.F. uniform with a black stripe along the bottom of the top.  However “junior black belts” will  not wear a black stripe on the top, but will continue to wear the uniform without the stripe and will wear a half red/black belt.  4th Dan and up will wear the same top but will be able to wear a black stripe down the pant legs.  Only if the black belt has attended and passed a Kido Kwan™ approved International Instructors Course will they be allowed to wear the black stripes down the sleeves of the dobak top.

Also, the I.T.F. instructor flashes can only be worn by those who have attended an I.T.F. Instructors Course!  There are four I.T.F. Instructors flashes, 1st-3rd Dan, 4th-6th Dan, 7th-8th Dan, and 9th Dan.  You can only wear the instructor flashes for the course you attended.  For example, if you attended a I.T.F. IIC as a 3rd Dan, and you’re currently a 4th Dan, you may not wear the 4th-6th Dan shoulder flashes, unless you have attended an I.T.F. IIC while your current rank!

I.T.F. International Instructors Uniform 4th-9th Dan

I.T.F. International Instructors Uniform 4th-9th Dan

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