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July 2016  
2 Ways to Register by August 15,2016:
(1) Online Pay & Register: www.kukkiwoninfo.org
(2) Mail registration form (link below) & mail check payable to “USSTF”:
Dae Han Martial Arts, 1755 Dennis KempLane, Kennesaw, GA 30152
Please click on this link to download the Registration Form below.
KH Kim Taekwondo, 3141 Dundee Rd., Northbrook, IL 60062
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Taekwon-Do Song 태권도 노래

Song of Taekwon-Do  태권도 노래


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Passing of Grandmaster John Tompkins

John Tompkins, 1984

John Tompkins, 1984 A-4-31

We are sad to learn of the passing of Grandmaster John Tompkins July 6, 2016.  GM Tompkins was 72 and first joined the ITF after his service with the U.S. Army and served as a aviation crew member for the Huey platform while in Vietnam.  GM Tompkins was known for his technical ability and could both verbally and in writing detail minute Taekwon-Do movements and ideas and his written color belt manual is still one of the best out there.



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Grandmaster Promotions Annouced

Author with General Choi, 1981 Chicago, IL. U.S.A.

General Choi 7 Gwen F. Hall, 1981 Chicago, IL. U.S.A.

With the birth of Taekwon-Do on April 11 1955 when Taekwon-Do was given its name, many in the  name of Taekwon-Do have been promoted to 9th Dan (degree).  General Choi first appointed 9th Dan was Rhee, Ki-ha of Scotland, followed closely by Chuck Sereff and then Hwang, Kwang-sung in 1997.  These are of course 9th Dans in the International Taekwon-Do Federation and do not include those promoted in any of the ITF’s since or other organizations in the world.  However, with so many grandmasters its a matter of time in grade, or connections of financially motivated promotions that we see all to much in the world of Taekwon-Do.

Today is one of those days that I can say is a great day in the world of Taekwon-Do, the Kido Kwan and its members and martial artist in general.  I am pleased to announce that
Master Gwen F. Hall of Corpus Christi Texas USA is now recognized as GRANDMASTER GWEN F. HALL 9th Dan.  Grandmaster Hall has been involved in the martial arts for over fifty years actively teaching during the whole time.  She has been involved in Taekwon-Do since 1968 and is senior to so many other Grandmasters that have been promoted before her.  So please take the time to thank Grandmaster Hall by sending her a congratulations email message and please feel free to contact her for any help in the Taekwon-Do field.

We will upload an updated bio soon!

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2015 Kukkiwon Invitational Course in USA

October 24, 2015


With the authority and responsibility to maintain “global standards,” the Kukkiwon is implementing regulations in the U.S. that are already successfully established in Korea and other countries.

The Kukkiwon policy does not change anything for the individuals testing for 1st and 2nd Dans. Individuals testing for 3rd through 7th Dans will need to be tested by a licensed Kukkiwon Test Examiner.

Masters and Grandmasters who want to certify their own students should know current Kukkiwon standards by becoming licensed Kukkiwon Test Examiners. They can then promote their own students at their own location and with their own schedule.

Regional Panels of Test Examiners will be set up in each state and will only need to be responsible for their own state.

The Kukkiwon has a very clear picture of dojang operations worldwide, and as a “base” for examinations, the Kukkiwon standard was created as a minimum and allow instructors to include their personal material.

Testing is supposed to be an “Examination,” where the student is tested on the required material as articulated in the Kukkiwon rules. Those conducting the examination need to have command of the testing material and be trained in how to score the different elements of the examination, in order to render a fair and qualified opinion on the student’s ability to meet a “specified” standard during the examination. Testing is not a “demonstration”; it is an examination. Testing is about the “student,” not the audience.

The organization that was given the lead five years ago to assist the Kukkiwon with the regulations not only failed in their attempts, but their actions have delayed the standardization in the U.S., and they are now working to discredit the Kukkiwon.

To retain some semblance of order and presence for the Kukkiwon practitioners in America, MOU organizations were selected and were given the same opportunity, as was given to the WTMU, to assist in establishing the standards. Only the WTMU has fully invested the time, effort, and its resources, into helping the Kukkiwon here in America.

Bringing high standards and respect to Taekwondo, the Kukkiwon will continue to execute their federated strategy and regionalized examination panels with an inclusive mindset, so all Taekwondo practitioners in America have access to the Kukkiwon.

The Kukkiwon urges all Taekwondo masters to come into compliance with existing policies of the Kukkiwon. Active resistance to adopting the Kukkiwon test policies will not be tolerated.


KH Kim, 9th Dan Kukkiwon

World Taekwondo Masters Union
3141 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062
Email: kukkiwoninfo@yahoo.com
Web: www.kukkiwoninfo.org
Office: (847) 480-9224
Direct: (630) 390-9975
Fax: (847) 480-9255

— for more information and to register —

Please visit KUKKIWON AMERICA at www.kukkiwoninfo.org.

Email us at kukkiwoninfo@yahoo.com,

or Call us (630) 390-9975.

Kukkiwon Poom/Dan Promotion Test Examiner Course Schedule & Guideline

DATE: November 19-22, 2015
VENUE: Hyatt Deerfield ADDRESS: 1750 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL 60015
RESERVATION: $89 per night inc. breakfast, Special Hotel rate through WTMU
RESERVATION LINK: https://resweb.passkey.com/go/TAEKWONDO2015
TRANSPORTATION: English-American Taxi (847) 673-1000
Korean language – Express Taxi (847) 253-9000

MANDATORY CHECK-IN: Thursday, November 19 (5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
Bring a form of identification.
SEMINAR SCHEDULE: Friday, November 20 – full day
Saturday, November 21 – full day
FINAL REVIEW & TEST: Sunday, November 22 ( 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
Must stay for the duration; Anyone leaving before 3pm will be disqualified.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENT: Taekwondo Masters, 4th Dan & higher
Non-U.S. citizens must provide a copy of their Green Card or Driver’s License.

Please submit the Kukkiwon Events Registration Form
either via email (kukkiwoninfo@yahoo.com), fax (847) 480-9255, or send to:
Kukkiwon America
3141 Dundee Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Please click on this link to download the below Registration
KH Kim Taekwondo | 3141 Dundee Rd. | Northbrook | IL | 60062

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Russia and North Korea to Co-Produce Film On Taekwondo History

The film will be the first co-production project between the two countries in over 25 years.

Russia is planning the first co-production with North Korea since the Soviet era as part of a larger scheme aimed at stepping up film collaboration with the rogue nation.

State-backed Russian and North Korean filmmakers are planning a feature on the history of traditional Korean martial art of taekwondo, producer Yuri Mityushin told a news conference in Moscow on Tuesday.

“This picture will tell the story of taekwondo development,” he said. “It has a very long history and was known even in Czarist Russia. In addition, we are planning several more co-productions [with North Korea].”

A delegation of North Korean filmmakers is currently on a visit to Moscow, timed to a series of screenings of North Korean films.

According to Mityushin, who organized the screenings and the visit, the North Korean filmmakers are also scheduled to discuss collaboration with the state-run studios Mosfilm and Gorky Studio and talk with Russia’s main film school, VGIK, about accepting North Korean students.

Film ties between Russia and North Korea broke with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Before that, the Soviet Union and North Korea co-produced several movies, mostly focused on World War II events.

The most recent of those, Bereg spaseniya (Salvation Shore), directed by Arya Dashiyev, was released in 1990.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of Russia trying to step up co-production with other countries. Recently, co-production projects with China and India have been discussed.

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I Am Taekwondo!



The date of birth of the founder of Taekwon-Do, Choi, Hong-Hi is approaching.  November 9th, make a difference!  Show the would that you are TaekwonDo!  Hold the sign, or make your own declaring ” I am TaekwonDo” and then give to your local community in any fashion, monetarily or with your time!  Spread peace and good will with your actions, not your by words only!  Help others in the name of “Taekwon-Do”

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Help us Help You!

Tell us what you think!  helpEmail us and tell us what you think, what you would like to see, email with your students profiles, achievements, your schools, instructors etc.  We will be happy to promote your events, testings etc.  If you have an article you wrote, let us know, we will be happy to post it!

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WTF Taekwondo Demo Team will perform at the UN Headquarters

The World Taekwondo Federation said today (Sunday) the will perform at the UN Monday.

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Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) has revealed details of the pilot project for its Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation, which aims to deliver the sport and education programmes to refugee camps around the world.

Scheduled to begin on January 1, 2016, the 12-month project in Jordan is split into six phases, with each phase being conducted across two-month periods.

Participants aged from as young as six-years-old will undertake theoretical and practical classes in each of the six phases, at the end of which they will be tested in both elements.

Studying English literature, including taekwondo terminology, history and concepts, provides the basis for the theoretical classes, while the practical sessions will focus on the taekwondo disciplines of poomsae and kyorugi.

The initiative comes in response to the migrant crisis, with figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), putting the number of refugees worldwide at almost 20 million, and the number of forcibly displaced people at nearly 60 million.

“It is time to act,” said Choue, who is here for day one of the WTF Grand Prix Series 2.

“The World Taekwondo Federation, which administers the Olympic sport globally, is doing just that.

“We are establishing the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation this year in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Its mandate is to deploy taekwondo coaches to refugee camps worldwide, bringing the benefits of fitness, sport, self-defence, self-belief and self-respect to those who need it most.

“Taekwondo is an economical, easily deployed deliverable that can help raise the quality of life for refugees in camps worldwide, both children and adults.

“As an International Federation of the International Olympic Committee, the WTF is fulfilling its social responsibility.

“And our sport has precedents for helping people overcome adversity.”

World Taekwondo Federation President Chungwon Choue developed the idea for the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation after a conversation with a Jordanian Taekwondo Association officialChoue, 67, who is in his fourth term now as WTF President having taken up the post in 2004, already has one successful sports humanitarian intervention to his credit in the shape of the Taekwondo Peace Corps (TPC) project, active since 2008.

TPC was set up in 2008 to help spread Korean culture through taekwondo, a sport that is closely associated with the country and is embedded in society there.

“It’s very satisfying to spread our sport to the world and the young kids are really happy to be receiving the Taekwondo Peace Corps teams,” he told insidethegames.

“Through that programme, the young kids are finding their hopes and dreams through the Olympic sport of taekwondo.”

Earlier this month, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that an emergency fund of $2 million (£1.3 million/€1.8 million) will be made available to National Olympic Committees to fund programmes aimed at helping refugees.

Thomas Bach, IOC President, said the decision to set up the fund was taken quickly in response to the growing crisis which has seen refugees attempt to reach Europe in search of safety.


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Protected: VOLUME 3 of Taekwon-Do and I by Choi, Hong-hi

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Song Moo Kwan 송무관-松武館 & Why its more important then you think!

Coming soon will be a history of Song Moo Kwan (松武館-송무관) and really the history of the Korean Kicking and Punching arts from 1944 on.  It was very influential in the formation of the Korean Kwans (Chung Do Kwan 청도관-靑濤館, Moo Duk Kwan 무덕관-武德館, Chang Moo Kwan 창무관-彰武館) etc……learn directly from the founder and the current leader(s) of the Song Moo Kwan!

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Wall art for your home, school or office!  Hangul (Korean) and Hanja (Kanji/Chinese) related to your Korean martial art school, style or even organization.  There will be no more then 27 of any one design.  Each design will be hand made, inked and individually numbered by the up and coming calligrapher BongHwang 봉황.

Depending on what is being made most calligraphy will be on single set of the same material, below we see “HwaRang” in both Hangul and Hanga.  The first series will play a role in promoting the patterns of the Chang Hon system by providing high quality, one of a kind art work for your Dojang, home or office.  You will be able to pick and choose one or all the 25 patterns of the modern era of Taekwondo-Do!  But remember, not many will be made of each, so once they come up you will want to be quick!


HwaRang in Hanja



HwaRang in Hangul

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North Korean ITF president “steps down” after 13 years

BY SARAH KIM, CHUN SU-JIN [kim.sarah@joongang.co.kr]


New ITF President with : Željko Gvozdič, Ri Yong Son, Andreja Kosem Dvoršak, Bojan Potočnik, Kim Chol Gyu (ITF HQ VIENNA)


Chang Ung








The only North Korean member of the Pyongyang-based International Olympic Committee stepped down Thursday as the president of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).

After 13 years leading the federation, Chang Ung, 77, was bestowed the position of honorary life president and replaced by Ri Yong-son, the executive director of the ITF and a seventh-degree taekwondo master.

A spokesman for the federation said that Ri replaced Chang, who completed his second six-year term, in an election Thursday by the North Korea-led international body, Voice of America (VOA) reported.

The announcement comes amid the weeklong ITF World Championships hosted in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in which 81 countries are participating. The event kicked off on Monday.

“It seems to be a part of a reshuffle happening under Kim Jong-un’s regime,” an official from an international sports body, who requested anonymity, told the JoongAng Ilbo.

The reshuffle has also sparked speculation that this could possibly be the start of a series of replacements made among sporting officials by Kim, North Korea’s supreme leader, who has made countless changes in leadership positions since coming to power.

Chang, a graduate of Pyongyang University of Physical Education and Sports, started his career in basketball. He was unanimously (ran unopposed) elected as president of the Vienna-based ITF in 2002 and was re-elected in 2009.

The organization was founded in Seoul in 1966 by the late South Korean Army Gen. Choi Hong-hi.

The honorary life president is described as the most senior position in the ITF.

“In this position, Professor Chang will focus his energy [toward making] ITF Taekwon-Do an official Olympic event, in conjunction with the WTF [World Taekwondo Federation] as well as the International Federation for Olympic Taekwondo,” the Original Taekwon-Do ITF said in a post Monday on its Facebook page.

The ITF is not recognized by the International Olympics Committee, and only the World Taekwondo Federation, headquartered in Seoul, is a member of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations. This bars North Korean martial artists in the ITF from competing in the Olympic Games.

The message also congratulated Ri, who served at the ITF Vienna headquarters as executive director-general for a decade, and as vice president of both the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee and North Korea’s National Olympic Committee.

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d7f952e4236afc03a202fc64913dc353_XLSEOUL, Korea (August 19, 2015) – International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach was made an honorary 10th Dan black belt in the martial art of taekwondo today, during a visit to the headquarters of the sport’s world governing body.

The IOC chief was personally awarded the belt by World Taekwondo Federation President Chungwon Choue.

“Thank you very much for the honor of the 10th Dan black belt,” Bach said – adding with a joke, “After I was informed of it, I started practicing!”
“There have only been three people in the world awarded the 10thDan,” Choue explained. “Former IOC Presidents Juan Antonio Samaranch and Jacques Rogge well as U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.”

Attired in a taekwondo uniform, Bach then smashed a board with a punch before the awarding ceremony.

The IOC president had been greeted at the entrance to the WTF headquarters – opposite the West Gate of Seoul’s medieval Gyeongbok Palace – by uniformed members of the WTF Demonstration Team.

He then held a round-table discussion between himself, Choue and officials including IOC Member and Chair of the IOC Coordination Committee for PyeongChang Ms. Gunilla Lindberg, IOC Protocol Chief Ms.  Marina Baramia, IOC Director General  Christophe De Kepper as well as WTF Secretary General Hoss Rafaty, WTF Council Member and Russian Taekwondo Union President Anatoly Terekhov and Korean Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Kim Chong.

During the meeting, taekwondo’s preparations for the 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the spread of taekwondo worldwide and an upcoming initiative by the WTF, the Taekwondo Humanitarian Foundation, which will teach taekwondo at refugee camps, were all discussed.

Bach was particularly interested in the status of female and Muslim athletes in the sport.  In the 2015 WTF World Taekwondo Grand Prix Series 1, which had concluded in Moscow just three days ago, two Muslim female athletes – Turkey’s Nafia Kus and Iran’s Kimia Alizadeh Zenoorin– had won gold medals.

The IOC president and his delegation were on a two-day visit to Korea. Before their courtesy call to the WTF headquarters,  they had met Korean President Park Geun-hye at the nearby presidential residence, the Blue House, to discuss progress on the upcoming 2018 PyeongyChang Winter Olympics.

ORGINAILLY PUBLISHED BY World Taekwondo Federation

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Kukkiwon Dan Test USA


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North Korean IOC member will come to Seoul “장웅 북한 IOC 위원, 오는 10월 남한 방문 계획”

ITF’s CHang Ung 장웅 & WTF Choe, Chung-won

Chang Ung, a North Korean representative to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), plans to visit South Korea in October to attend inter-Korean taekwondo events, according to foreign reports.

Chang’s scheduled trip is re-igniting controversy over which of the two Korea’s has the right to operate the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF).

Along with the Seoul-based World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), the ITF has served as a key institution in promoting Korea’s traditional martial art globally after it was established in 1966.

Both Seoul and Pyongyang have run separate ITF headquarters since the death of the South Korean founder, Choi Hong-hi, in June 2002.

The Korean-language edition of the Voice of America (VOA) reported that Chang, who is also North Korea’s purported ITF president, will come to Seoul on Oct. 6.

Chang is scheduled to tour well-known taekwondo sites from Oct. 3 to 8 across the Korean Peninsula, according to the U.S. media outlet.

It said Jung Woo-yong, a Korean American taekwondo grand master, has been

GM Chung and Chang Ung

organizing the project with support from other international taekwondo practitioners, mainly those from the U.S, to promote peace on the peninsula.

The VOA reported Jung drew support from Chang and other taekwondo officials during his visit to Pyongyang in June.

“I think Chang is the right person to facilitate active inter-Korean exchanges in sports and culture, given that he’s a heavyweight in international sports administration,” Jung said.

Without elaborating the details, the VOA said participants for the various events will gather in Pyongyang on Oct. 3 and join a sports exchange program for four days.

They are scheduled to cross the demilitarized zone and arrive in Seoul on Oct. 6.

They will travel to Taekwondowon, a mega-sized taekwondo complex, in Muju, North Jeolla Province as well as a stele built under the orders of Choi in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, before they leave the country on Oct. 8, according to the VOA.

The stele, located at 29th Army Infantry Division, was built in 1953 to show Choi’s passion for the sport during his service there as the division commander.

The Ministry of Unification, which deals with inter-Korean affairs, denied the VOA’s report.

“They have not asked us, have not consulted with us, and have been making announcements on their project solely on their own,” ministry spokesman Jeong Joon-hee said.

A taekwondo practitioner in Seoul also said he will take legal measures against those responsible if the disputed events take place in South Korea.

“That includes unification ministry officials, and I do mean it,” said Oh Chang-jin, claiming he serves as the acting president of the ITF on the South Korean side.

He claimed North Korea has been claiming the right to operate the ITF after stealing key information from the ITF’s pro-North Korean officials when Choi died.

Choi, who helped North Korea join the ITF, died in Pyongyang in June 2002 during his visit there.

Since then, Chang has been serving as the ITF chief for the North Korean side.

South Korea has operated its ITF office separately under the leadership of Oh.

According to Oh, the ITF’s South Korean side has over 110 member countries, while its North Korean side has less than 30 members.

The ITF moved its headquarters from Seoul to Toronto, Canada in 1972 when Choi sought political asylum there after having a political conflict with the then-Army general-turned-dictator Park Chung-hee.

This triggered South Korea to launch the WTF in 1973, which now has over 200 member states.

Yi Whan-woo

북한의 국제올림픽위원회(IOC) 위원인 장웅 국제태권도연맹(ITF) 총재가 오는 10월 남한을 방문할 계획인 것으로 알려졌다.


미국의 태권도 전문 잡지인 ‘태권도타임스’의 정우진 대표는 16일 미국의소리(VOA) 방송과의 전화통화에서 장웅 총재가 10월6일 한국에 입국한다고 밝혔다.

GM Woo, GM Kimm, Mst. Vitale (May 2006)


정 대표는 ‘올 가을 미국인들이 주축이 된 세계 태권도인들이 남북한 군사분계선을 넘는 평화행사를 준비중’이라며 ‘장웅 총재도 합류하기로 했다’고 설명했다.


‘남북한 종단 행사’에 참가하는 세계 태권도인들은 10월3일 평양을 방문해 3박4일간 스포츠 교류 활동을 한 뒤 6일 군사분계선을 넘어 서울에 도착, 8일까지 무주 태권도원과 제주도 주먹탑 등을 돌아볼 예정이다.


장 총재는 이들과 함께 10월6일 군사분계선을 넘어 서울에서 제주도까지 내려가면서 대부분의 행사에 참여할 계획인 것으로 알려졌다.


다만 남한 정부 당국자와의 만남 여부 등은 아직 결정되지 않았다.


정 대표는 ‘IOC 위원이기도 한 장웅 총재가 세계 스포츠계에서 갖는 무게감을 고려할 때 남북한 문화교류의 물꼬를 틀 수 있는 적임자가 아닌가 싶다’고 말했다.


정 대표는 지난달 19∼23일 평양을 방문해 장웅 총재, 김경호 조선태권도위원회 위원장 등 북한 관계자들을 만나 ‘남북한 종단 행사’에 대한 지원을 약속받았다.


남한의 통일부는 행사에 대한 공식 신청이 들어오면 검토하겠다는 입장이다. (연합뉴스)

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What is your art?

You can choose more then one art….

What is your base and secondary martial arts, if not listed please let us know and we will add it!


Answer Votes Vote Count/Percentage
Taekwon-Do (Chang Hon, ITF)
19 Votes(54%)
Tae Kwon Do (ATA, WTA, otherwise non-affiliated)
2 Votes(5%)
Taekwondo (WTF, Kukkiwon)
3 Votes(8%)
2 Votes(5%)
Shototkan Karate
1 Votes(2%)
American Kenpo Karate
1 Votes(2%)
2 Votes(5%)
1 Votes(2%)
0 Votes(0%)
Muy Thai
0 Votes(0%)
Goju Ryu Karate
1 Votes(2%)
Kuk Sool Won
1 Votes(2%)
Tang Soo Do (all branches)
1 Votes(2%)
1 Votes(2%)

Total Votes: 35


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Interview of Chang Ung


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See the similarities and differences of two martial art pioneers, separated by race, religion, background and distance!  09/09/2011

Choi Hong Hi (9 November 1918 – 15 June 2002)

Edmund Kealoha “Ed” Parker (March 19, 1931 – December 15, 1990)

Learn how and why these two men from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different religions found that they could profoundly change how the martial arts are looked at and shared and taught throughout the world today.  How each man came up with nearly identical theories without having ever met (as far was anyone can tell), how each man seemed to know about the others art just by its descriptions and how each man defined and redefined there martial art of choice that no other (nearly) martial artist has done. The journey that both of these great martial artist took was long ago, during different generations, from different nations, and even different styles.  The age difference (13 years) between the two is interesting in that both men “defined” their martial art about the same time. 

Both men sought to give new names, sometimes recycling older names and at other times just redefining terms for their martial art. There are also striking differences.  Grandmaster Choi was short, standing only about five feet (152 cm) and was always slight in build, while Grandmaster Parker was 6 feet (183 cm) and always had a stocky build.  Grandmaster Choi, commonly called “General Choi” (he was a General in the South Korean Army from it’s birth and until his forced retirement in 1962, Gen. Choi has also especially since his passing been referred to as “Founder Choi, or Ambassador Choi.” 

Grandmaster Parker was commonly referred to as Senior Grandmaster of the Art (referring to American Kenpo) but his senior students usually just called him by the humble moniker of Mr. Parker or the “old man” (just never to his face).

Grandmaster Choi started to learn Karate (Shotokan) while he was a student worker in Japan in the 1930’s and Mr. Parker started to learn his art of Kenpo after first studying Judo and western style boxing.  Gen. Choi learned more out of self preservation (as he was born in a occupied and later war torn country) as did Mr. Parker (who was brought up in a rough US territory or Honolulu, Hawaii, not a state when he was born there.  Gen. Choi lived in a world where his own country was occupied by another race of people and Mr. Parker lived in “paradise” but even paradise has its tough areas.

Much has been written about both, Ed Parker has been written about more after his passing by many of his direct students like Lee Wedlake and his books like “Lessons with Ed Parker” and Rich Hale and his “The Kenpo Journal” and many others.  More was written about General Choi while he was alive oddly enough, this site has what may be the most complete info and interviews of General Choi, GM Kimm, He-young had and extensive interview prior to his death in Taekwondo Times, and has a book on the history of Taekwondo since.

One of the most striking similarities is the use of Mr. Parker and his “Marriage of Gravity/Gravitational Marriage” and Gen. Choi’s “sine wave.”  Both had seemed to develop this concept in terms of use in the martial arts sometime before the 1980s but both define them in the late seventy or early eighty’s.  “Marriage of Gravity” is defined as “The uniting of mind, breath and strength while simultaneously dropping your body weight along with the execution of your natural weapon(s).  Timing all of these factors with the dropping  of your body weight greatly adds to the force of your strikes.  This combined action literally causes a marriage with gravity, and makes vertical use of BODY MOMENTUM while employing the dimension of HEIGHT. (ED PARKER’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KENPO 1992 ISBN 1-4392-4198-8) The term “Sine Wave” Sine wave motion is a movement unique to original Taekwon-do to create maximum force in every moment according to the theory of power. In almost every moment this sinewave is utilized. Sine wave is natural and simple, and often I heard an instructor say: “Simple and natural = beautiful”. 

What we actually do by performing this sine wave in Taekwon-do techniques is moving the center of our body mass by means of a motion, which would look like a sinus wave if we would draw it.

There are some key benefits to using sine wave that are linked to the training secrets of Taekwon-Do. Moving our center of mass in the motion of a sine wave requires us to keep our arms and legs bent while the body is in motion. To keep the arms and legs bent during motion we need to be relaxed. Relaxing the body adds speed to a technique because we are not all tensed up with one part of the body working against another. Small increases in speed produces large increases the power of a technique. 

Secondly, when employing a sine wave we have to use the knee spring properly. That is to say bending the knee is what moves our body up and down as we move forward. Using the knee spring while our body is in motion allows our center of mass to travel along a curve, which by definition is another form of acceleration, which then helps us accelerate into a target. Explanation of sinewave by the founder of Taekwon-Do – General Choi Hong Hi – during a seminar in Poland (1999).

Finally, when using sine wave we are dropping our body downwards at the end of the technique with helps us use gravity to our advantage and keep our acceleration building until the point of impact.  As you read the two, the concepts are similar, but yet, not exactly the same, although the end result is.  These two terms, tend to be the most striking, however, both gentleman, also defined or redefined the terms used.  Both sought to standardized the terms used in order to make teaching their arts not really more “simple” but more of an ability to teach as many as possible to promote their arts to the masses.


The IKKA (International Kenpo Karate Association) logo (left) and the ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation logo (right) of the two founders organizations

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Absent political considerations there should be no valid reason to exclude Gen. Choi from any Martial Art Hall Of Fame. While his many accomplishments speak for themselves, many do not realize that some of what he did was unprecedented & at times unmatched in the TKD world. However because at various points in his life some of his personal political views concerning his unfairly divided homeland of Korea & certain governmental leaders back home resulted in some negativity that has unfortunately tainted his TKD record.

While Gen. Choi’s personal politics & views are his own, many feel that it should not impact what he did for TKD & how his work continues to influence millions globally in a very positive way. As a result you, as a TKD person, should take the time out to send an email to the new Taekwondowon in MuJu, South Korea respectfully requesting that Gen. Choi receive the highest honor possible for his international impact on TKD. We know 1 thing for sure, without Gen. Choi there would be no TKD. He of course named it. Now there still may have been another Korean Martial Sport that made it into the Olympics, but it would not have been TKD. So every single student of TKD, no matter his or her age, rank or location on this planet, owes some small debt of gratitude to Gen. Choi. PLEASE take a brief moment of your time to send an email to:

It is the least we can do & if not Gen. Choi, then really, who does deserve this honor?

You are not limited with your nominations. You can feel free to nominate anyone you feel is worthy. However if we don’t succeed in getting Gen. Choi honored, it probably will not be possible initially to have any of his followers acknowledged. Also please understand the Taekwondowon put out requests on their Korean language Facebook Page & website. They have also sent a request to the WTF for nominations. So if you don’t nominate Gen. Choi who will? There is no apparent visible outreach to the ITF side. Please do not allow politics to continue to get disrupt the martial art way of TKD’s “DO”! The Taekwondowon needs to here from all of us, as they are on record saying their new TKD Park is for all. So lets please give them the opportunity to demonstrate that wonderful posture with fair & just action by honoring the man who started it all.
Thank you


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Black Belts Win!

imageTwo Kido Kwan black belts competed April 26, 2014 in Corpus Christi, Texas U.S.A.

Eddie (left) 3rd place breaking, 2nd place Patterns(Choong Moo), 2nd place Weapons (Bo Staff)
Alan (right) 3rd place breaking (Me and Eddie tied), 2nd place sparring, 1st place Patterns (Po Eun !!! ), 1st place Weapons (Bo Staff).


These two black belts are direct students of Master (senior) Gwen F. Hall, VIII Dan (center) who helped judge in the tournament hosted by WarCats by Reymundo Gonzales, VII Dan.

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Survey Update

IF you take this survey, your answers will only count if you fill in the basic information asked.  This is in part to insure we don’t have duplicate posts etc.

AS OF 14/ July/2015 

4098 VOTES

President Choi, Jung-Hwa aka ITF-C HQ Middlesex United Kingdom  24%

President Chang Ung aka ITF-NK HQ Vienna, Austria                            28%

President Pablo Trajtenberg aka ITF-V HQ Beindorn, Spain                  19%

Secretary General Oh Chang Jin aka ITF-K HQ Seoul South Korea       9%

GM Hwang, Kwang-sung aka UITF Manchester , CT USA                       11%

GM Rhee, Ki-ha aka FGMR                                                                            04%

GM Phap Lu aka Chan Hon Ryu                                                                    01%

Choi at Press Conference

Choi, Jung-hwa

Chang, Ung

Chang, Ung


Pablo Trajtenberg

Pablo Trajtenberg

 Oh Chang Jin

Oh Chang Jin


Hwang Kwang-sung

Hwang Kwang-sung


Rhee, Ki-ha

Rhee, Ki-ha

Phap Lu

Phap Lu



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Taekwon-Do, Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do, TaeKwon Do, A study of Words

Lots and lots of things have been said about “what is Taekwon-Do” and how to “spell Taekwon-Do”, Taekwondo, taekwondo, Taekwon do, Tae Kwon Do, TaeKwonDo etc.  Of course, going strictly by the way it is written in Taekwon-Do’s country of origin, well, it is just 태권도.  It has no space, no capitals and no hyphens.  Of course, the same is true when we look at the Hanja (Chinese/Japanese) way to write Taekwon-Do 跆拳道.

So, why do we have so many ways of writing this rather simple three syllable word?  Well, we could start with the etymology of this word.  Taekwon-Do is not a native Korean term!  It is a word of Chinese origin that has as many words in many tongues almost exclusively adopted by Korea.  The word also has or parts of the word also have strong Japanese ties.  As most know, Korea was a nation state of the Japanese Empire for some time.  So it isn’t unreasonable to see that terms of Japanese origin would sneak into the Korean vocabulary.  But before we head into the etymology of Taekwon-Do, let’s see what other authors, masters, grandmasters of Taekwon-Do say….

As to why the I.T.F. and the Kido Kwan uses the spelling of  “Taekwon-Do” well, simple put, General Choi when as personally by me, said the spelling in English should be “Taekwon-Do” with the emphasis on the – as “Taekwon” is the art, and greeting, and “Do” is the philosophy.

Choi, Hong-hi stated in his book TAEKWON-DO THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE copyright: 1965 that “Translated from Korean, “Tae” (t’ae) literally means to jump or kick or smash with the foot.  “Kwon” denotes a fist-chiefly to punch or destroy with the hand or fist.  “Do” means an art, or way or method.  Thus taken collectively “Taekwon-Do” indicates the punches, flying kicks, blocks, dodges and interceptions with the hands, arms and feet to the rapid destruction of the opponent (Choi 14).

In the fourth edition of Choi, Hong-hi’s book TAEKWON-DO (The Korean Art of Self-Defence) copyright: 1995 and more commonly referred to as the “condensed encyclopedia” he states: “Translated literally “Tae” stands for jumping of flying, to kick with the foot. “Kwon” denotes the fist-chiefly to punch or destroy with the hand or fist.  “Do” means an art or way-the right way built and paved by the saints and sages in the past.  Thus taken collectively “Taekwon-Do” indicates the mental training and the techniques of unarmed combat for self-defence as well as health, involving the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks and dodges with bare hands and feet to the rapid destructions of the moving opponent or opponents” (Choi 15).

Cho, Shi-hak also known as Henry Cho in his 1968 book KOREAN KARATE Free Fighting Techniques states that “Tae-kwon is the Korean word for karate recently adopted by the Korean Tae-Kwon do Federation. Tae-kwon do (tae meaning foot; kwon, fist; and do, martial art) is identical to Japanese karate, and the title is a literal description of an art consisting of foot and hand techniques.” (Cho 21)

Chun, Rhin-moon also known as Richard Chun in his 1976 book TAE KWON DO The Korean Martial Art stated that “Tae Kwon Do, “The Art of Kicking and Punching,” incorporates the abrupt, linear movements of Karate and the flowing, circular patterns of Kung Fu with its own incomparable kicking techniques to form an integrated system unique to Korea. (Chun 7, 8)

Son, Duk-sun & Robert Clark in their book KOREAN KARATE THE ART OF TAE KWON DO copyright 1968 says “Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art.”  And “Tae Kwon Do is essentially discipline: discipline of the mind, the body, and the spirit.” (Son 1, 5)

Jimmy M.S. Too in his book THE TECHNIQUES OF TAEKWON-DO A Modern International Martial Art simply states “Taekwon-do is an effective and superior form of martial art.  It employs hand and foot techniques for self defense.” (Too 28)

B.S. Huan in his book TAEKWON-DO says “TaeKwon-Do is the Korean martial art that was perfected by the Korean TaeKwon-Do movement in 1955 to supersede ancient Korean fighting arts.  And “Tae” means to jump or kick or smash with the feet” “Kwon means to block, punch, and strike with the hand or fist. And “Do” means “An art”. (Huan 17)

Clearly, we also have different ways of defining exactly what Taekwon-Do is as well.


Choi, Hong-hi “Taekwon-Do: The Art of Self Defense” Daeha Publication: Seoul, Korea. 1965

Choi, Hong-hi “Taekwon-Do: The Korean Art of Self Defense” International Taekwon-Do Federation: Printed in New Zealand. 1995

Cho, Shihak Henry “KOREAN KARATE Free Fighting Techniques” Charles E. Tuttle Company: Publishers Copyright 1968

Chun, RhinMoon Richard “TAE KWON DO The Korean Martial Art” Harper & Row Publishers, Copyright 1976

Son, Duk-sun & Robert Clark “KOREAN KARATE THE ART OF TAE KWON DO” Prentice Hall Press, Copyright 1968

Jimmy M.S. Too “The Techniques of Taekwon-Do” Bushido Publishers, Singapore, Copyright November 1975

B.S. Huan “TAEKWON-DO” Russ International Publishers Singapore, Copyright 1975

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image image image

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